Dorma Alexa Baza Profilleri

Ürün özellikleri

  • İnce profilleri sayesinde estetik görünüm
  • Studio, Junior, Arcos ve Universal aksesuarları ile uyumlu kullanım
  • Cam kalınlığı 8-10 mm olan tüm iç mekan cam kapılarında kullanılabilme
  • 65 kg ağırlığa kadar kapı kanadı taşıyabilirlik
  • Kolay montaj özelliği

Tüm cam kapılar için baza profilleri

DORMA Alexa baza profilleri, duvar veya cam bağlantılı bütün açıklıklarda tek veya çift kanatlı tüm cam kapıların kolayca kurulumunu sağlar.

AT 23 / AT 23 E

The model AT 23 is an extremely thin profile, set inside the opening, also available with angular cover-jamb (AT 23 E). These profiles fit hinges with frame pivot. They carry a maximum door weight of 55kg.

AT 44

The AT 44 profile is extremely flexible, thanks to the design and complementary gaskets. It allows the creation of single leaf doors as well as double glazings, with fixed sidelights and / or transom. The AT 44 system uses robust hinges with front fixing; therefore, the maximum load capacity reaches 65 kg.

AT 50

Particularly loved by architects and interior designers, the AT 50 model is the only one that permits them to get a door in glass wall opening. Its special design makes the profile capable of accommodating fixed sidelights and glass overpanels without the need for additional gaskets. The fixed glass panels around the opening can be anchored to the pavement, ceiling and walls through AT 44 profile or other profiles (LM, MR 28). This modular system enables many configurations.

PT 35

The PT 35 profile is designed to fit door hinges for double action doors DORMA UNIVERSAL. The slim profile creates an elegant frame around the door opening. With this model can realize single and double leaf doors, even with fixed sidelights and / or glass overpanel.